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Engage current volunteers while connecting with new people looking to support organizations in their community.

Best-in-class nonprofit volunteer management platform

Nonprofits around the world rely on VOMO to easily communicate with volunteers, track their impact, drive donations, and more. VOMO helps you grow your volunteer base, enhance your relationship with them and helps convert them to donors.

Powering 250,000 projects for nonprofits across the globe

Take the complexity out of nonprofit volunteer management

Communicate with ease

Send and receive messages from volunteers all within the VOMO platform. Stop the disjointed email chains. VOMO’s mobile app allows you to send reminders and updates via push notifications and more. 

Display your needs

Volunteer project pages are built with your users in mind. Project imagery, descriptions, waivers and every inch of real estate is built to streamline the browsing experience for your prospective volunteers.

Connect with other tools

Background checks, collection of custom information needed for any given project, donation integration and more are all offered through the VOMO platform.

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Using VOMO in the context of your mission is crucial. Get a free 30-day trial of the platform with daily insights into how to take advantage of each feature. This inside look at the platform is your first step to solving your volunteer engagement challenges.

Integrating with powerful nonprofit management tools

VOMO Gives
iDonate and VOMO
GivingFuel and VOMO Volunteer Management

Get help driving new volunteers while increasing their value

VOMO offers digital services to help recruit new volunteers through Google Grants, website optimization and more. Need help driving volunteers to consider becoming donors? Our digital leaders have helped drive nearly $100 million in digital fundraising over the past decade. 

generational volunteer insights

Free Resource: Gen vs Gen Flip Book

Have you been searching endlessly, meeting internally to talk ideas on engaging specific generations of volunteers? Check out our free flip book with insights ready to help you facilitate ideas.