Outreach just got easier

Mobilize your people to put action to their faith by helping others in the community.

Mobilize your group and community volunteers

Connect your members, and volunteers in your community, to meaningful service opportunities with help from VOMO. Utilize our all-in-one solution to help spread kindness in your area.

VOMO makes it easier to go beyond weekend services and into the community.

Privacy and information collection come together

Create public or private projects

Control who can see your service opportunities with VOMO’s visibility settings. Set an event to “private” to invite particular people, or switch to “public” and let everyone in your community get involved.

Streamline form information

Access VOMO Custom Forms to collect vital information for your projects. From allergen information to digital waivers, you are in charge of deciding what information you need from your volunteers.

Plan opportunities of any size

There’s no project too small to make a difference. Utilize VOMO’s Small Group Recruitment to help you find the participants you need for your service event, no matter the size.

Integrating with powerful people management tools

VOMO Gives
GivingFuel and VOMO Volunteer Management

Featured Partner: Hillsong Church

See how Hillsong NYC and other churches are using VOMO to help their members go beyond the walls of their building to make an impact in their community

Take VOMO for a free 30 day spin to organize a few projects and experience a platform built for tomorrow.