Kindness is in session

Easily connect students and adults to impactful serving opportunities through VOMO, your full-service volunteer platform.

Simple interfaces, big impact

Volunteers can easily schedule their future serving date in a few taps, and assigning them is just as simple. Access robust analytics that show you the exact impact your school is making. Schools use VOMO for: community service tracking, afterschool programs, adult involvement, city serve days and more.

Help connect students and adults to opportunities inside and outside the walls of your campus.

Increasing student involvement both on campus and in the community

Grow student volunteerism

Immerse students in their community through service opportunities and track their impact through their Volunuteer Resumes.

Partner with adults

Connect adults with their children through meaningful service opportunities. Whether you need volunteers for a field trip or after school programs, VOMO helps you engage them to make an impact.

Expand your philanthropy

Mobilize your sorority or fraternity to make a difference in your community. Use VOMO to find volunteer opportunities near campus. Planning your philanthropy event? VOMO allows you to schedule volunteers and collect donations directly in your Hub.

Be your biggest booster

Get the most out of fundraisers to support your sports or fine arts programs. VOMO lets you join forces with parents and students to power your fundraising events. You also have the ability to receive donations in your VOMO Hub.

Take VOMO for a free 30-day spin to organize a few projects and experience a platform built for tomorrow.