Unite your community

Amplify the impact volunteering has in your community by combining companies and organizations in a centralized effort to enact change.

Create city-wide impact together

Say “goodbye” to disjointed volunteer engagement and “hello” to your streamlined approach to meeting community needs. Bring together businesses and organizations to drive more volunteers in new ways.

Connect organizations to create a powerful impact in your community.

Engage your community through a centralized volunteer platform

Individual messaging

Interact with volunteers through group and individual message while using our suite of features to simplify your scheduling and ensure user privacy.

Drive community

Champion your community by connecting multiple organizations serving opportunities inside a single hub for community members to browse.

Create higher impacts

A more engaged community is a more impactful community. Communities using VOMO have seen millions of dollars in economic impact. 

Case Study: Engage Arlington

Check out how Engage Arlington uses VOMO to connect community members to needs in the city and ways they enable the community to identify additional opportunities.

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