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          “VOMO has been a win-win for me and my volunteers. It’s a great system for them to see all of the service opportunities we have in one place and to sign up for projects that best fit their abilities.”

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World Overcomers Church is making an impact through outreach

We had the privilege to talk in depth with Chris Davis, Chief Ministry Officer & Elder at World Overcomers Church about their church, their vision, and how VOMO is helping them get there. World Overcomers Church is located in Memphis, TN and was originally founded in 1944 in an area where the need for discipleship and the love of Jesus was greatly needed in order to combat some of the issues of the inner city. Their pastor’s heart for the city and for the under-served community has been part of their DNA from the beginning and with that, a high priority and genuine commitment to outreach.

Tell us a little bit about your church – where you are located, what’s the size of your congregation?

We have a current weekly attendance of over 3,000+, and upwards of 2,000 that follow us online via live streaming on a weekly basis. We have started church campuses in Jackson, TN and Holly Springs, MS, and support a daughter church in Haiti, as well as a hispanic church right here in our neighborhood. We’ve been able to support missions and outreaches in other parts of the world, including Bible schools in Zambia, Brazil, and 24 other nations.

What is an aspect of serving that your church is passionate about?

Our pastor has really inspired us with a passion to pursue the lost in love, and to make disciples. We call it Diamond Making. Love people enough to see the “diamond in the rough” underneath everything they’ve gone through and all the old mindsets they’ve established. We’ve most recently taken the Diamond Maker process online utilizing technology to disciple as many people to Christ as we can. And now, we have a platform where even the newest convert who has a passion for Jesus can easily see what opportunities their church offers them to help their community.

In the past, what has been challenging in organizing volunteers and how does VOMO solve that problem?

We are a church that believes in the gift of administration, and in organization and structure. Data provides a measure of how effective we’re being for the Kingdom of God. That said, it can also be intimidating and cumbersome… not only in recruiting new volunteers, but in raising up new leaders within ministries.

VOMO provides an easy and fun way for us to measure the effectiveness of our Helps ministries, provides the analytics we need to help target demographic groups within our ministry, and with VOMO Rewards, there’s a cost-effective and motivating way to provide hesitant volunteers to give serving a try. It’s a user-friendly and intuitive platform that allows me to get information for our metrics and reporting at a glance. And again, it’s fun.

How is VOMO helping you recruit and manage your volunteers?

One ministry that I am still connected with is our Parking Lot ministry. Each month, all ministry leaders submit their volunteer attendance for the month to our administrative office. Historically, I would have to text the team leader to verify whether everyone served on their assigned Sunday, and wait a day or so to hear back whether there were any issues.

With VOMO, I simply can just go to that project and look up that information at a glance and provide what is really a very simple report in a matter of moments as opposed to a matter of days. And it’s easily integrated into our existing culture.

What kind of impact are you excited to see by unleashing your volunteers?

This Sunday we are launching eighteen outreach ministries from our church. These outreaches address everything from health, to homelessness assistance, to victim- and domestic violence support. They are designed to lovingly impact our community with real, applicable, down to earth assistance.

Just yesterday, I received a VOMO notification of a young lady who has used the platform to volunteer for our victim support outreach. [She] has been a member here for 3 years, and there is no indication that she has served anywhere else in our church. Why not? Maybe she was looking for the serving opportunity that was unique to how God made her. And because of VOMO, it looks like she may have found it.

I’m excited because it’s our time. We have a tool in our toolkit now to effectively march toward the next move of God for our church and for our city. I’m fired up and ready to go to work.

"We have a tool in our toolkit now to effectively march toward the next move of God for our church and for our city. I’m fired up and ready to go to work."
Chris Davis
Chief Ministry Officer,
World Overcomers Church