Optimize volunteer engagement and recruitment with help from Virtual Volunteer Coordinators

Your time is valuable, don’t spend it stressed. A Virtual Volunteer Coordinator is ready to give you more hours in your day by taking work off your plate.

Build, organize and manage your volunteer opportunities with ease

Our Virtual Volunteer Coordinators help teams achieve maximum volunteer recruitment and engagement through the VOMO platform. Technology is always innovating, so it is critical to have experts applying best practices to ensure every volunteer is able to easily connect to any opportunity.

What Virtual Volunteer Coordinators Help With:

  • Source and post volunteer projects
  • Build, organize and manage VOMO Hubs
  • Provide organizations with insights and resources
  • Create templates for efficient volunteer management
  • Fills administrative gaps
  • Helps drive brand awareness to those looking for opportunities to serve
  • Connects employees to organizations
  • Partners to champion cause marketing efforts

VOMO Partners using Virtual Volunteer Coordinators

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