Access Your Volunteer Platform Analytics

Keep a record of the impact you and your volunteers make through deep analytics and real-time reports directly in your Hub

Volunteer Platform impact reports

Your management tools should provide easy insights for your team. We believe in the power of streamlined communication, but we also believe in understanding the value of your volunteers. We break analytics out to a comprehensive look at your overall volunteer database while also looking at each individual volunteer, setting them up to receive rewards for their dedication to their community.

Right on Track

Measure your economic impact

Realize how your time converts to money as VOMO tracks your economic impact. Every hour served adds up fast.

Know your activated volunteers

Keep track of your recurring volunteers and first-timers to see what projects keep them coming back while unlocking demographic reports about them.

Share your results

Export your information by date range to make sharing your impact easier.

Volunteer platform analytics

Follow Individual’s Successes

volunteer platform resume

Access volunteer resumes

Track the impact of each volunteer through their volunteer resume. Gain insights like their individual economic impact, giving tracker, and volunteer hours completed.

Make it worth their while

Reward your volunteers through the VOMO Rewards program. Volunteers can redeem service hours for gift cards, ebook, or have a donation made on their behalf from VOMO. 

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