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Google Grants are often used for fundraising, but are you allocating some of the grant for volunteer recruitment? How is your overall site experience for prospective volunteers? This is where we can help.

Volunteer management services

Services designed to maximize volunteer engagement, grow your reach, and increase donations

We know there is a lot more that goes into your volunteer process than just selecting the right tool. How do you drive more potential volunteers to your organization? Are there ways to optimize social media, e-blasts, and website hits to increase volunteer engagement? In this digital age, you need a streamlined approach to recruit, manage, and reward volunteers for maximum impact. Let us take some of those things off your plate.

  • Virtual Volunteer Coordinator
  • Google Grant Management
  • Digital Media Management
  • Website Analytics

organizing and recruiting volunteersBy adding a Virtual Volunteer Coordinator to your VOMO account, you receive a turn-key solution for maximum engagement for any size organization.  Your dedicated volunteer coordinator will create volunteer projects for your organization, build your overall engagement presence, and work alongside you as your expert to ensure max involvement from all of your constituents.

Google grant volunteer managementDid you know that most 501c3 nonprofit organizations are eligible for a $10,000/mo Google ad grant? Allow our team of experts to set up, develop, manage, and execute your Google grant on your behalf to drive more new volunteers and donors from the widest potential audience possible.

digital media volunteer campaignsOur digital experts are ready to help you drive more awareness to new and current volunteers and prospective donors resulting in more engagement on your website. Allow us to maximize conversion of those who are ready to take action through automated digital marketing that we create for you.

volunteer site analytics

Does your team understand how your website is performing in respect to specific content beyond pageviews and simple data points? Our expert team deploys deep analytics to showcase the content your volunteers and donors are viewing prior to making a commitment to your organization. With this insight, we can drive compelling messaging resulting in more effective conversions for your organization.

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