Everything You Need to Grow Your Volunteer Engagement

At VOMO, we’re committed to serving those who serve others. That’s why we’ve created a simple, yet robust volunteer management and engagement platform to help you make the biggest impact possible with the least amount of headaches.

Simple Sign Up

Say good-bye to complicated processes that cause you to pull your hair out! Volunteers can easily schedule their future serving dates in as little as 3 clicks. And assigning volunteers is just as easy.


User-Submitted Needs

Empower participants to recommend volunteer opportunities based on local needs.

Automated Volunteer Resume

Volunteers automatically grow their volunteer history with every event they participate in.


Keep Everyone Safe

You shouldn’t have to worry about anyone getting harmed in your serving events. Use background checks and privacy settings to ensure all participants are screened and secure.

Integrations and Connections

Connect to the tools you’re already using.


Custom Forms & Waivers

Get to know your participants with simple forms and easily build or attach required waivers.

Volunteer management with VOMO Volunteer Hub

Accessible from Anywhere

Call it “VOMO on the Go”. Volunteers can sign up from anywhere, anytime with the web platform and apps.

Get Rewarded for Serving with VOMO Rewards

The more volunteers serve, the more they can earn.

What else can it do?


Create pre-drafted serving opportunities in just a few clicks.

Control Visibility

Make your projects Public, Private, or Unlisted

Visual Projects

Add images and attachments to every serving opportunity

Anytime Projects

Create opportunities that volunteers can participate in at any time.

Anywhere Projects

Build opportunities that can be joined from any location.

Do-It-Yourself Projects

Encourage volunteers to start their own serving opportunities.

Built-In Reminders

Organizers and participants get notified before serving events.

Project Updates

Share project updates with all participants involved.

Group Messaging

Instant communication with your serving groups and participants.

...And a whole bunch more!