Level up with VOMO

Reach further with help from VOMO. We provide supplemental promotion and branding capabilities for you to customize the impact you make in your community.

Features built to advance your volunteer and mobilization efforts

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Curate brand consistency

Incorporate your logo and motif into your Branded Hub to create a volunteer space with brand continuity. Add custom photos and brand treatments for a user experience that embodies your brand’s style.

Become a featured project

Make sure your project is the first one users see when you unlock Featured Project status. Being a featured project secures your spot at the top of the Available Projects list.

Promotion features built to drive higher volume and more engagement across a wide variety of teams

Maintain brand consistency with your Branded Hub while using Featured Projects to create an impact with your team.

Increase student and parent involvement when you create more awareness around your opportunities by incorporating your school colors or mascot, fully controlling settings for private vs public projects.

Guide meaningful impact through promoted events and original pictures of your members making a difference. Showcase where members can serve outside the walls of your building through our embeddable opportunity map highlighting local organization opportunities you want to feature.

Create a branded hub, carrying out the look and feel of your community, while connecting local organizations inside a VOMO Community account. See the impact across your community through all child accounts tied to yours.

Customize your volunteer communications with your logo, colors, and more, while VOMO promotes your branded projects. Embed VOMO’s branded widget within your online content to encourage readers to take a next step and volunteer.

Make your projects stand out by incorporating your branding into your Hub. Create unlimited projects and drive new and existing volunteers to the platform to register. Embed content from VOMO into your organization’s website to showcase opportunities for your site visitors to support through volunteering with your team.

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One platform available in three packages


VOMO Pro is your streamlined platform to all things volunteer management, recruitment and rewards. Experience robust features to get the most out of your engagement. VOMO brings 250,000+ projects together through our platform.

Bring your brand and your volunteer experience together with VOMO Suite. With a growing list of integrations, alongside embeddable content including opportunity maps to post on your site, experience the power of VOMO Suite.

Mobilize your team’s Movement For Good® and track your impact with a suite of analytical tools. Access a holistic view of your results in your Branded Hub.

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