Volunteer management made easier

Administer effective volunteer projects by streamlining your people management process.

Effective people management requires security, simplicity, and smooth processes

Keep projects secure

Integrate background check status, collect important waivers, and other custom information needed through forms while enjoying a variety of privacy settings to ensure all participants are screened and protected.

Simple sign up

Say “goodbye” to complicated processes that make you pull your hair out. Volunteers can easily schedule their future serving dates in as little as 3 taps, and assigning volunteers is just as easy.

Streamline your check-ins

Stop hassling with paper check-ins. The VOMO Check-in Kiosk allows you to sign-in your volunteers with little to no contact. Allow them to check in through their device and more.

Encourage group registration

With every opportunity, volunteers can add their friends and family members to serve alongside them when there are enough volunteers needed. Automate emails to their contacts to invite them to opportunities.

The VOMO platform is built to power your volunteer management in the most impactful way for your industry

Nonprofit volunteer management software

Improve your project registration pages through best-in-class layouts. Allow for individual or group registrations. Provide better check-in experiences with VOMO to speed up the process and help them begin serving more quickly. 

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church volunteer software

Use VOMO inside and outside the walls of the sanctuary. Inside, keep privacy intact with each project and track background checks. Outside, help your members find tangible ways to serve while keeping it simple from beginning to end.

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student volunteer management software

Help students serve outside the walls of campus with community organizations, allowing group registrations to be easier than ever before. Inside the campus, connect parents with impactful serving opportunities, keeping track of their background checks inside the platform.

VOMO for education >>

Provide volunteers with a single platform to browse all local organization opportunities within your community. Help smaller organizations by providing the powerful volunteer management features they can use, increasing civic engagement

Improve your civic engagement >>

Help employees engage in their community by ensuring the experience is as efficient as possible. From browsing opportunities to registration processes, provide a best-in-class experience for your corporate social responsibility and charitable initiatives.

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media volunteer platform

Feel confident that your readers and content consumers will have a great experience when connecting with serving opportunities within your network’s reach. Provide partner organizations with the tools to recruit and manage volunteers.

VOMO for media & entertainment >>

Re-Engage Volunteers Guide

Free Resource: Getting Restarted With Volunteers

Are you getting back in full swing with volunteers? Get insights and ideas on new considerations and ways that volunteers can help while feeling safe, valued and more.

See how VOMO can change the game for your organization.