Simplify your communication tools

Push notifications, automated reminders, and group messaging keep volunteers in the loop on protocols, project needs and more.

Communicating today requires multiple touchpoints

Project communication

Clear communication of what’s involved in a project is crucial. Project pages include pertinent information, links, and project photos to help communicate what to expect during their experience.

VOMO mobile app notifications

With our mobile app available to volunteers, they’ll receive automatic push notifications as reminders of upcoming serving dates and their impact, among other alerts. 

Automated email messaging

Schedule automatic emails to keep volunteers up to date on your projects, mission, and more. Managing your project effectively, not your inbox, is the goal.

Monthly email campaigns

The VOMO digital team works with our partner organizations to build a custom email welcome series for new volunteers, prospective volunteers, and more.

A Movement For Good cannot happen without volunteer communication that works for your team

By connecting volunteers to the mobile app, VOMO reminds them of their upcoming serving opportunities. Remind them of key information on the latest protocols and more through our messaging features.

Send messages to those signed up for projects, reminding them of key details and other information you want them to know while they represent your business in the community.

Provide powerful communication tools for each organization inside your VOMO Community account, ensuring they have access to the latest in communication technology.

Inside the walls, ensure volunteers know the latest protocols to follow, arrival times, and more. Outside the walls, ensure your members enjoy a smooth experience with organizations through streamlined messaging from organizations through the platform.

Provide group updates to parents and students tied to any opportunity. With protocols at the forefront, setting expectations on the latest measures you are taking with volunteers is crucial.

You’ve done the work to drive action from those consuming your content. VOMO Partner organizations and the VOMO mobile app ensure they enjoy a smooth experience to take their next step to help create more good news.

Experience VOMO Pro FREE

One platform available in three packages


VOMO Pro is your streamlined platform to all things volunteer management, recruitment and rewards. Experience robust features to get the most out of your engagement. VOMO brings 250,000+ projects together through our platform.

Bring your brand and your volunteer experience together with VOMO Suite. With a growing list of integrations, alongside embeddable content including opportunity maps to post on your site, experience the power of VOMO Suite.

Mobilize your team’s Movement For Good® and track your impact with a suite of analytical tools. Access a holistic view of your results in your Branded Hub.

Not sure which package fits your team the best? Talk with us now.