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          During the pandemic, we’ve launched 30+ features to help organizations across sectors we serve. We are honored to serve each client through game-changing technology.

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        • Brother Bill’s Helping Hand

          “VOMO has been a win-win for me and my volunteers. It’s a great system for them to see all of the service opportunities we have in one place and to sign up for projects that best fit their abilities.”

          View their case study >>

        • Missouri Baptist University

          “Through VOMO, we are increasing our mobilization of students, faculty, and staff to serve and give back to our community”

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        • FWD>DFW, A BELO Company

          “With partners like Toyota, AARP and VOMO, we really are able to bring volunteer opportunities to anybody, regardless of where they are in the country,”


Simplify your communication tools

Push notifications, automated reminders, and group messaging keep volunteers in the loop on protocols, project needs and more.

Communicating today requires multiple touchpoints

Project communication

Clear communication of what’s involved in a project is crucial. Project pages include pertinent information, links, and project photos to help communicate what to expect during their experience.

Automated email messaging

Schedule automatic emails to keep volunteers up to date on your projects, mission, and more. Managing your project effectively, not your inbox, is the goal.

VOMO mobile app

With our mobile app available to volunteers, they’ll receive automatic push notifications as reminders of upcoming serving dates and their impact, among other alerts. 

Individual and group messaging

Send group messaging to keep everyone updated on the latest with each project, pertinent details and more. Follow up with them afterward through VOMO messaging as well.

A Movement For Good cannot happen without volunteer communication that works for your team

Nonprofit volunteer management software

Automate reminders of upcoming serving dates through VOMO’s mobile app. Provide all the pertinent information volunteers need so they know what to expect. Send group messages through the VOMO app to those serving, connecting on final details. Follow up with thank you messages and more, all through the platform.

Learn more about VOMO for nonprofit organizations >>

church volunteer software

Provide a mobile-friendly platform ready for browsing when you announce from the stage or before services. Streamline communication of projects inside and outside the walls of the sanctuary with reminders, group communication and more handled within the platform. Keep your email inbox less cluttered with volunteer logistics.

Learn more about VOMO for faith-based organizations >>

student volunteer management software

Students engage more through technology than ever before. Embrace this through efficient communication with push notifications, automated emails and more through the VOMO platform. 

VOMO for education >>

Civic engagement relies on good communication between leaders, organizations and volunteers. Ensure your community’s initiatives are represented through VOMO’s intuitive project layouts, grouping them by each initiative. Enable organizations you are partnering with to have the powerful volunteer communication tools.

Improve your civic engagement >>

Sending emails with information on upcoming service opportunities supported by your business is cumbersome. Enjoy VOMO’s ability to showcase what you support across organizations. Provide employees with easy communication with organizations where they’ve registered to serve.

VOMO powers corporations >>

media volunteer platform

You’ve done the work to inspire your consumers to take action. The VOMO platform unleashes streamlined communication across push notifications, automated emails and more to ensure their experience in taking action is a positive one.

VOMO for media & entertainment >>

Communicate with ease through the VOMO platform. Talk with us today.