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Empowering a movement of good

Through the power of technology we’re helping nonprofit agencies create customizable, accessible hubs for their volunteers to discover needs and amplify their impact. Hear how a recent event in Washington, DC made a lasting impact.

How can VOMO help my Organization?

Impact Your City

Searchable database of 70,000 opportunities, ideas, food banks and ministries all around your city that are looking for the volunteers to make a difference in your community.

Customizable to Your Organization

This can be your one stop for your volunteers to serve. Customize your account with logos and opportunities in your community that you're passionate about.

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Measure Impact

Walk away with tangible data that allows you to celebrate the wins and encourage your team.

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Encourage Teamwork

Looking for ways to engage your team and connect them to their community? VOMO makes it easier for them to get involved.

Service Days Made Easy

VOMO makes community-wide Volunteer Days easy for you to host and manage.

Thank Your Volunteers with VOMO Rewards

We’ve partnered with several passionate organizations to thank your volunteers for serving in their community. They can earn free ebooks and gift certificates for meals, shops, and more.

Unlock Unique Skills

Your organization is full of unique, talented teachers, hobbyists, and artists. They can connect to specific opportunities to use their passions and skills to to make a difference.

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Build Your Volunteer Resume

Our built-in volunteer resume collects all of your team's service hours to show how they're actively in engaged in making a difference.

Background Checks in One Place

We have a built-in background check system with Checkr, one of the most trusted companies working with thousands of organizations.

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Access Anytime, Anywhere

Whether it's on your laptop, iPhone or Android device, we've taken care of all the apps so your volunteers can easily access your customized account and find opportunities to serve.


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Who should fill out this form?

Any decision-maker at your organization interested in learning more about VOMO

What to expect

Once you fill out the form, and we'll contact you and pair you up with one of our VOMO experts who will take you on a tour of the site. You'll get a complete, behind-the-scenes look at our platform and hear answers to all your questions.