Mobilize Your Congregation and Community Volunteers

VOMO connects your congregation to service opportunities, propelling them to live the Word both in and out of the church walls.

Churches Can Change the Volunteer Management Game with VOMO

Outreach just got easier

Create Public and Private Projects

VOMO’s visibility settings put you in control of who can see your service opportunities. Set an event to “private” to invite particular members, or switch to “public” and open the service opportunity up to everyone that uses VOMO to serve others.

Get All the Info

Use Custom Forms on VOMO to create forms and waivers specific to your needs. Collect allergen information or digital waivers, and any information in between.

Capture waiver acknowledgements. Capture shirt sizes. Confirm if a volunteer prospect has attended the associated training. 

Provide multiple answer options, attach documents and more. 

Create Projects of Any Size

We need every project in order to make a difference in the world. That is why VOMO offers Small Group Recruitment. VOMO will help you find the participants you need for your service event, no matter the size.

Live the Word Everywhere

Your members are eager to do good and VOMO is here to connect them to service opportunities. VOMO is your all-in-one solution to helping your congregation spread kindness unto others.

Re-Engage Volunteers Guide

Re-Engage Your Congregation to Make an Impact Across Your Community

Get insights from how churches and organizations like The Salvation Army, Feed The Hunger and others found ways to safely engage church congregations to continue making an impact for those in need in 2020. Access our guide today.


What Pastors Are Saying

Hear what pastors are saying about how VOMO is helping equip their congregations to serve. 

Connect Volunteer Data with Your Other Systems

Connect to the tools you’re already using.

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