Encourage Employee Engagement in the Community

COVID-19 has employees feeing disconnected in some new ways. Increase morale and track your corporate impact through volunteers in the community. Feature organizations you support, projects available and more.

Drive Your Team to Make a Difference

Volunteering energizes employees. Corporations across the world encourage their teams to serve organizations across their communities. Giving employees time to make an impact on things they care about is more important now than ever. VOMO partners with companies across the globe to help their employees find opportunities to serve, matching up with organizations the business supports. 

Businesses Using VOMO to Increase Impact

Features Built for Business

Volunteer Resume

They were brought to your team because of their talent. Help them see the impact of their volunteer time and talent that they serve with in your community. See your overall organization’s volunteer hours and impact in real-time through dashboard views and more.


Showcase featured upcoming opportunities your team is supporting , allowing your team to register for those opportunities. Highlight certain organizations you want to feature. 


Your inboxes are already packed in with internal team emails, benefits information and more. When it comes to all things volunteering, VOMO has you covered. All registration of opportunities, all related alerts and all follow-up can be handled through the platform.

VOMO volunteer management phone

Employee Rewards

Once they reach a threshold of hour served across projects, employees earn gift cards for their dedicated focus to helping in their community. While we know volunteering boosts morale, we also want to reward them for their desire to make a difference.


A Sweet Opportunity

CEO Nathan Sheets shares how his team at Nature Nate’s Honey Company is using VOMO to make a difference in their community.


"VOMO has allowed us to create organized opportunities for our realtors to attend different charity events and community service projects while making the invitation and registration process a smooth one."

Rogers Healy, Owner,
Rogers Healy and Associates Real Estate

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