Why Business Teams Have Started Volunteering Together

volunteer coworkers

There has been an increasing trend of companies setting time aside from the daily grind to volunteer in their community as a team.  While almost no one would disagree that volunteering is a good thing to do, why are businesses putting a greater emphasis on it now more than ever before?  In recent years, companies across the nation have embraced the practice of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a core value within their industries. While previously this was left up to the nonprofit sector, for-profit companies are now seeing the positive impact that volunteering brings to their organizations. In fact, many organizations are replacing their long-loved happy hour gatherings with volunteer engagement opportunities.

Shifting Perspectives

When employees are outside the office environment volunteering together as a team, perspectives begin to change.  Camaraderie for teammates increases as well as respect for the company. In addition, serving together with local nonprofit organizations often awakens employees to the local needs that they can contribute to on a personal level. The added value they bring through the act of giving back leads to increased company loyalty and stronger teams.

Built-in Team Building

Team building exercises have long been a regular corporate practice.  The same benefits and more are achieved through an effective volunteer program.  Companies that implement a volunteer management strategy report increased retention, growing empathy amongst co-workers, and improved communication. Doing community service projects together has a unique way of laying a foundation for stronger team dynamics, without all the trust-fall exercises.

Amplifying Social Good

The benefits of developing a volunteer program reach every corner of a company, especially when you consider the power of social media. Having an online platform to engage employees in volunteering and sharing it to the world magnifies the good that your company is doing.  Studies show that Millenials are more inclined to work in an organization that is committed to giving back to their community. That’s why corporate volunteering has become such a powerful recruiting tool in the age of smartphones and social platforms.

Simplifying Volunteer Management

So where can business leaders begin the process of engaging their employees in volunteering? The age of printing sign-up sheets on clipboards and passing them around to every department are over. Certainly distributing multiple spreadsheets via email isn’t the answer either. The best way to begin is finding a volunteer management software solution that can help your organization quickly get started. VOMO makes it easy for business leaders to organize and empower employees to volunteer. Our customized volunteer platform takes the work out of recruiting volunteers, volunteer management, and connecting employees with local volunteer opportunities. In addition, business leaders get access to administrative tools to manage volunteer events of their own.

Making the Most of Volunteer Data

Having an effective volunteer management tool also provides the kind of insights you need to best empower your team members. For example, VOMO’s unique Volunteer Resume tracks and displays volunteer data showing the impact of the organization and the individual volunteers, down to the volunteer hours. Business leaders can export the results and see the impact their employees are making in the community, broken down by time and even dollar amount. This gives leaders the ability to highlight volunteer superstars in their organization, making it easier to identify possible employees for promotion when the time comes.

Take Action Today

When business leaders empower and reward their workforce to volunteer locally, the impact made on the community and the positive culture gained within their business walls are unmatchable.

Want to learn how VOMO can help your business get started in volunteering? Schedule a Demo and one of our representatives will be happy to give you a tour of the platform and answer any questions you have.