Ways to Volunteer during National Volunteer Month

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April is National Volunteer Month, which is our favorite month of the year at VOMO. It’s an opportunity to put a spotlight on the many different ways that people can make an impact right in their own community. So where can you begin to volunteer if you’ve never participated before? Here are a few ideas on where to begin.

Start with Kindness

We sometimes tend to think that volunteering requires a large amount of sacrifice, but it can be an easy thing to do on a personal level.

Pay for someone else’s coffee order. A free cup of caffeine goes a long way in brightening someone’s morning.

Volunteer your seat. This is especially helpful when you’re on public transportation or in a busy environment like a doctor’s office.

Honor someone with your words. Take a moment to publicly honor someone and share why they’re valuable to you.

Clean up the sidewalk. Do you see something that should be in the trash bin? Pick it up and slam dunk it in the garbage can while yelling “Slamma Jamma”. Strangers love that kind of stuff.

Mow someone’s lawn. If you’re already outside cutting your freshly grown patches of grass, why not add an extra ten minutes to your task by taking care of your neighbor’s lawn as well?

Pick a Local Partner

The good news is there are plenty of organizations in your city that need volunteers.

Food banks are a great place to start. They constantly have volunteer needs for collecting, organizing, distributing, and purging old foodstuffs.

Animal shelters always need faithful humans to help care for their dogs, cats, and other little creatures. Dogs need walking, crates need cleaning, cats need… scratches? When families visit to reclaim or adopt their pets, a friendly volunteer is always appreciated to guide them and to answer questions.

Nursing homes and retirement facilities appreciate scheduled visitors. Often times the elderly get forgotten and a simple visit brightens up their day.

If you’re a parent, consider volunteering in your children’s school.  Offer to chaperone for field trip, participate in mentoring programs, or even set aside some time to read to children in your school’s library.

Use your professional skills to impact your favorite organizations. Are you skilled behind the computer screen? Can you offer professional advice or insight? Volunteers who donate their professional skills are always in high demand throughout the United States.

Start a Volunteer Movement in your community

Volunteering doesn’t have to be done alone. In fact, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities that are best served in groups. Don’t hesitate to invite your friends to serve with you in opportunities like community gardens, graffiti clean-ups, and more. The more people get involved in volunteering during National Volunteer Month, the bigger the opportunity to make an impact all throughout the year. We’re passionate about powering a movement for good all across the country.

VOMO gives organizations the tools for creating volunteering opportunities all throughout the year. If your organization would benefit from activating volunteers, schedule a demo and one of our representatives will be happy to give you a tour of our volunteer management platform and answer your questions.

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