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        • Brother Bill’s Helping Hand

          “VOMO has been a win-win for me and my volunteers. It’s a great system for them to see all of the service opportunities we have in one place and to sign up for projects that best fit their abilities.”

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        • Missouri Baptist University

          “Through VOMO, we are increasing our mobilization of students, faculty, and staff to serve and give back to our community”

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        • FWD>DFW, A BELO Company

          “With partners like Toyota, AARP and VOMO, we really are able to bring volunteer opportunities to anybody, regardless of where they are in the country,”


Create custom workflows with your volunteer data to maximize your impact

Introducing the Zapier integration with VOMO

“An app to organize apps; what is this, app-ception?” you ask. Clever question. And yes it is…in a way. Zapier integrates apps you are already using and passes information between them through automated workflows. It allows you to build templates so that you can spend zero time coding and all of your time focusing on your mission.

VOMO is the only volunteer management app that currently integrates with Zapier. With the Zapier+VOMO integration, you can connect your VOMO Account to your other favorite tools like Mailchimp, Google Sheets, and Trello, just to name a few. Want to know a little bit more? Have a glimpse into how VOMO and Zapier streamline your volunteer management process.

Integrating Mailchimp, Constant Contact and other email marketing platforms

volunteer email communication software

Mailchimp and Constant Contact are a few of the most popular email automation tools available used by organizations. Many use it for donor communication while others have volunteer audience segments. When you use Zapier to connect your VOMO Network to your Mailchimp account, you can simplify your volunteer communications and data.

How it works

When a volunteer joins as a new member for the first time to your VOMO organization, you can trigger an automated welcome email with your custom, branded email templates inside your existing email marketing platform. Ensure every new member receives your welcome series introducing them to more about your organization, ensuring your email tracking is fully intact inside your email platform.

Integrating Gmail, Outlook and other business email tools

Who doesn’t have a Gmail account for one purpose or another? It is easy to use and is part of the Google Workspace suite. Zapier connects your VOMO Account to your Gmail, Outlook and other inboxes as another option to plan your volunteer communications.

How it works

When a new email arrives to a specified mailbox, you can have Zapier tell VOMO to create a new Draft Project. Say a volunteer submits a need to your email address associated with requests. When the email comes into your “requests” mailbox, Zapier will send an action to VOMO to create a Draft Project that you can then manage from your VOMO Admin Dashboard.

Integrating project management tools to provide efficient planning

project management volunteer software

It takes a team to make a volunteer event happen. If you use Trello to make that work easier, have we got news for you. Zapier bridges the gap between Trello and VOMO to make your team’s volunteer management even easier.

How it works

Your teammates have their Trello cards or Asana projects to keep tasks organized. With Zapier triggers and actions, when you create a new VOMO Project, a “Zap” will be sent to these platforms to create a new board or project. Alternatively, when a VOMO Project is deleted or moved to “Drafts,” Zapier will tell the platform to close that project without permanently deleting it.

Bringing together the power of Slack, Skype, Teams and more

volunteer management software communications

This integration is for continuing conversations in a more casual way. If you aren’t using the VOMO Group Chat Feature, Slack and Skype along with others are great tools to keep your volunteer teams up to date on Projects. Many of these are team chat tools that let you message volunteers individually, all at once, or as specific groups.

As your volunteer teams grow, it can feel like quite a task to keep track of the new volunteers you have, or haven’t, invited to your platform communication channels. The connection Zapier creates simplifies that for you.

How it works

Imagine how much easier things could be when you automate your Slack channel invitations. When a volunteer signs up to participate in your VOMO Project, Zapier will tell Slack to send them an invitation to join your Slack channel for that specific Project. It is an easy way to make sure all participants can stay up to date on your Project.

What does this mean for you?

Zapier integrates with more than 3,000 apps, which means the odds that you are using at least one of those tools is pretty high. Your volunteer management will become significantly easier when you pair the right tools together.

To learn more about how VOMO can streamline your volunteer engagement, management, and retention, chat with one of our experts.