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Volunteer recruitment methods to drive retention

Get insights to improve your program’s reach

volunteer recruitment strategies and insights

Why you need to start recruiting new volunteers

Recruiting new volunteers to join your ranks is a key aspect of a successful volunteer program. After all, what is a volunteer program without volunteers? Don’t stress yourself out trying to reinvent the wheel of recruitment methods. We’ve done that part for you.

Volunteers are the foundation of your organization. They help with anything from events to administrative tasks. As volunteers cycle through your program, some may be with you for the long haul while others may serve once then be gone. It is important to build a roster of repeat volunteers that you can depend on. When you know that you will have volunteers to fill your roles, it will be easier to focus on creating volunteer opportunities in your community.

Volunteer management tools help you gather information about volunteer interests, as well as gauge the popularity of individual projects.

Find a volunteer management platform that lets you customize forms so that you can have total control over what information you are looking for. By learning what keeps your current volunteer engaged, you can promote your volunteer opportunities while ensuring room on projects for seasoned volunteers. This is especially helpful when aiding in high-stakes events like disaster relief where having experienced volunteers serving is imperative. 

Not only do volunteers make an impact by donating their time, but they also make a fiscal impact.

Recruiting volunteers guide

One volunteer hour has a $28.54 value. This means that if a volunteer serves four hours, they create an economic impact of $114.16. Imagine that value multiplied by every volunteer within your organization.

The financial impact from volunteers goes beyond the hours spent volunteering

The 2020 Global Trends in Giving Report found that 85% of volunteers donate to the organizations they serve with.

Some of your biggest donors are hiding right under your nose as volunteers. When you recruit, and cultivate, correctly you can see a substantial impact from volunteers who are also loyal donors.

Having fresh volunteers participate in your volunteer opportunities helps strengthen your volunteer program.

The more volunteers you have, the less likely current volunteers are to feel burnt out, thus improving your volunteer retention. New volunteers also help you see your program through a different lens.

Emails have become a very accessible way to communicate with current volunteers, as well as to recruit new volunteers. From asking people to join your cause to sending out your newsletter, an email is a great way to communicate to all of your contacts at once. FWD>DFW in Dallas Texas recently used the power of emails to share their August volunteer opportunities as things continue to open back up in Texas. The interaction rate was healthy.

Check into the use of a Google Grant if you are a nonprofit organization. While many organizations use this to help drive digital fundraising, most Google Grant programs still have plenty of ad credits left to help recruit new volunteers. 

Get creative with your volunteer recruitment approach

Remember to have fun when recruiting volunteers to join your organization. If people are going to dedicate time to serving with you they want to know that it will be time well spent, not only by giving back but also by having fun. 

Learn how to introduce volunteer rewards into your program to gamify volunteer efforts.

You can also grow your volunteer base by celebrating their achievements.

At VOMO, we have developed a rewards system to help organizations recognize volunteers. Through these acts of gratitude, we help you cultivate volunteer morale and strengthen the database that you count on every month.

A tried and true method of recruiting volunteers is to use word of mouth. Utilize the networks of your existing volunteers to get new ones through the door. More than likely, people will volunteer with an organization if they already know someone who serves there.

Key insights to consider across generations

  • 73% of Gen Z considers being socially and politically engaged a key aspect of their identity
  • 90% of Millennials are motivated to donate based on cause over organization
  • Baby Boomers contribute 2.2 billion volunteer hours a year

Understanding how each generation engages in volunteering will help you connect to them in a more effective way.

Know how your volunteers work.

When recruiting volunteers, it’s important to know how to engage with each generation. What works for Boomers won’t work for Zoomers and Gen X doesn’t interact the same way Millennials do.

Once you understand how each generation of volunteers prefers to serve, you can create volunteer opportunities that suit each one. Based on how many volunteers from each generation serves your organization, you can customize the number of roles for each project to ensure there are plenty of serving opportunities for everyone. You can also tailor projects to keep them interested so they find the right fit for them.

Talk with VOMO about volunteer recruitment.

Our Partners enjoy access to the VOMO Network, allowing prospective volunteers to explore opportunities by Cause, Organization and Location. 

Alongside this, our Partners are also able to take advantage of additional services we offer to help optimize their website, maximize their Google Grant and drive additional digital media and email campaigns to prospective supporters.

Start a conversation with a volunteer recruitment expert.