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Combining volunteer recruitment, volunteer surveys, volunteer succession and employee engagement insights into one guide

Last month we published five blogs for our National Volunteer Month series, bringing you insights on how to plan your volunteer program. To make your life a little easier, we have combined the series into one downloadable guide. Now you can take our insights offline.

The Volunteer Management Planning Guide includes how to conduct volunteer surveys and what to do with the results you gather. From there, it goes on to help you organize your volunteer orientation and includes a checklist to make sure you don’t miss a beat.

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Once you’ve gone through the orientation section, you can move on to your volunteer succession planning. This covers how to create your chain of command if a volunteer who holds a key role or offers a crucial skill is not available for an event or leaves your organization. With your succession plan in place, you can go on to learn how to manage your organization’s online reputation.

Online reputation management includes how you speak about your mission online, as well as what volunteers have to say about you. Your online reputation can be monitored and managed through your website content, social media posts, and volunteer reviews.

Lastly, the guide provides insights on how to create and drive your corporate volunteer program. In the guide, you will discover the business benefits of implementing a corporate volunteer program, including improved corporate visibility and employee engagement. Consumers and employees are putting more value on a company’s corporate social responsibility. Creating a corporate volunteer program can help your business build a connection with socially-minded individuals.

You can go back and reread each blog individually, or you can access our Volunteer Management Planning Guide to access these insights offline. Get your copy today.

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