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          “VOMO has been a win-win for me and my volunteers. It’s a great system for them to see all of the service opportunities we have in one place and to sign up for projects that best fit their abilities.”

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COVID Vaccinations: Managing & Recruiting Volunteers

As we roll further into 2021, COVID-19 vaccination clinics are cropping up across the country. Big cities and small towns alike are doing what they can to get the vaccine into the arms of those who pose the highest risk to contract the virus. From Texas Motor Speedway vaccinating 10,000 people a day, to rural parts of the country that only have 200 doses to give each week, communities maneuver strategically to find their best approach to clinics.

Volunteers keep things ticking

No one likes getting shots. Standing in a line (indoors) during a pandemic that has kept everyone six feet apart for a year certainly doesn’t do much to ease that tension. The clinical staff is equipped to administer vaccines, but who is in charge of keeping everything orderly? Some clinics have turned to volunteers.