Trading in Retirement for Adoption

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On any given day there are 438,000 kids in US Foster Care Systems. On average, a child will spend over 2 years in the state’s care. There’s roughly over 345,000 churches in the United States. If each church in this country were to have a family adopt just one or two kids we would be able to put every child in a loving, Biblically-based home that could forever change their future.

Some think this is something reserved for young parents and families. Sally’s story says otherwise. She had always dreamed of getting married and having children; that dream never came true. She achieved high financial and professional goals, but the desire to have children never went away.

Approaching retirement, Sally took the courageous and life-altering step to adopt two children. This inspirational real-life story illustrates the priorities of life and the joy of making a difference, no matter the sacrifice.

Whether it’s inside or outside of the walls of the Church, we’re called to make a difference. These stories of people taking action have the power to inspire and validate the dreams to make a difference that He places in each of us.

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