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Recruiting Volunteers in a Digital Age

We are living in a new age of volunteer recruitment. Gone are the days of posting flyers on bulletin boards, sending out mass mailings, and relying on email appeals to draw in the volunteers you need. 

In this digital age, it’s important to know where your potential volunteers are spending their time. Where do they go to look for volunteer opportunities? What type of projects are they looking for?

organizing and recruiting volunteers

Research says that the average person spends 6 hours and 42 minutes a day on the internet. Over two hours of that time is spent on social media, and there are 6.9 billion Google searches every day.

With that in mind, organizations that are serious about volunteer recruitment must have a strong online presence. 

So how do you create a volunteer recruitment strategy in a digital age?

Find the Right Volunteer Recruitment Tools

  1. Volunteer engagement platforms are a great tool to help you manage your volunteer relationships. Just like Amazon is a place where shoppers go to look for products, volunteer management platforms serve as a central location for volunteers to find opportunities. A volunteer engagement platform allows organizers to easily post projects, recruit and manage volunteers, and gather pertinent information about volunteer service and impact value.
  2. Mass text messaging allows you to send notifications about volunteer opportunities to existing volunteers for whom you have contact information. It’s a quick and easy way to recruit last minute volunteers when you are realize you are short for an event. Check out this list of some of the best mass text messaging platforms for nonprofits that Whole Whale recently posted on their website.
  3. Social media is a must-have component of every volunteer recruitment strategy. Research estimates that 3.6 billion people worldwide are using social media in 2020. Social media gives you access to a whole new network potential volunteers, and provides an easy way for your existing volunteers to share opportunities with their own sphere of influence.

Create a Digital Volunteer Strategy 

  1. Build a quality landing page on your website that is dedicated to your volunteer program. Make sure you have clear, simple content, strong visuals, and a specific call to action.
  2. Know where people are going on your site by using engagement metrics. You can determine the average time spent on a specific page, if they clicked through to other pages, and what your bounce rate is. That data will inform you if your content is holding their interest, and give you clues on how to drive them to your volunteer page
  3. Increase visibility of opportunities for those actively searching on Google. One of the best ways to do this is by activating Google Ad Grants. If your organization has a Google for Nonprofits account, you’re eligible for Ad Grants. You can also increase your visibility by using keywords, incorporating backlinks, and making sure your page speed is optimized.

Understand your Analytics

  1. Know your percentages, especially when it comes to the number of people who are hitting your volunteer page. Google Analytics is a powerful and free tool that lets you track your visitor’s behavior and adapt accordingly. 
  2. Create an audience segment. This is a marketing strategy based on identifying subgroups within the target audience in order to deliver more tailored messaging. You want to understand which volunteers are likely to repeat as volunteers based on insights you have gathered about your audience’s personality types, values, attitudes, and beliefs. Also, knowing what other pages they may have visited can give you an indication of other ways in which you might engage them. For example, if they visit your donation page, it may an indication that they are ready to convert from solely volunteering to becoming a donor.
  3. Respond to the data you have collected. Once you know what pages your audience is visiting and have identified their user behavior, use that to inform you as to what volunteer calls to action should be added to those content pages.  

Need some help with recruitment?

The VOMO team is ready to help. Learn more about VOMO Services to help organizations increase their online presence and drive new volunteers.