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VOMO Platform Updates: July 2021

A look back at new features introduced to the VOMO platform in the first half of 2021.

volunteer software updates

At VOMO, we're always improving and always innovating.

In the first half of 2021 alone, we introduced multiple new features for our users, including relaunching the latest version of our mobile app, group messaging and more.

These features enable volunteers to have a better user experience while streamlining the volunteer management process for our partners. Many of the features reflect requests from partners to further develop centralized volunteer management tools. Let’s dive into the top six features released so far this year.

Church Community Builder Integration

From the brains of Chris Fowler and Free Grafton comes Church Community Builder (CCB), a church management software solution.

The pair of entrepreneurial pastors saw the need to help people connect to one another in their church. Fowler and Grafton devised a solution to help churches grow their ministry efforts in a more effective way. CCB was built to help people harness their skills to create an impact in their community. 

VOMO is the only volunteer platform that currently integrates with CCB. This trailblazing integration features 2-way sync to seamlessly share data between the two platforms. Included in the VOMO Suite package, the CCB integration allows you to import contacts and data from your CCB account. You can also export contact and data from your VOMO account to your CCB account.

You can take it a step further with the single sign-on feature. This optional add-on allows users to sign in to their VOMO account through their CCB account.

Qgiv Donation Integration

The year is 2007. Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone, Bob Barker hosted his last episode of The Price is Right, and Qgiv was created. Much like Apple, Qgiv was built by friends who saw a need and filled it. The group strove to make accepting online donations easier for nonprofit, faith-based, and political organizations. Since Qgiv’s inception, the platform now provides fundraising software to more than 5,000 organizations in North America.

Our integration with Qgiv allows you to utilize your donor management system within your VOMO volunteer platform. This partnership links your Qgiv Donation Forms to your VOMO Hub. The communication between the two systems also means that you can keep track of your users’ gifts more easily.

Connecting the dots between donors and volunteers, and the data gaps which exist for many organizations, allows VOMO Partners a more holistic look at their database.

Volunteer Completion Reporting Tools

Do you wish that you knew what percentage of your Roles and Needs have been filled without actually having to do the math? Then we must’ve read your mind. The VOMO engineers developed Volunteer Completion Reporting Tools just for you.

Now you can see how many Roles have been filled and what Needs are still required. This will allow you to reach out to your volunteers again to remind them that there are serving opportunities available and encourage them to get involved before your Project day approaches. It also clues you in as to how fast any given Project fills up, showing you the popularity of a Project.

Check-In Forms

Sometimes, you need to collect last-minute information from your volunteers. Enter our newest addition to the Forms family, Check-In Forms. This feature allows you to gather data from volunteers directly from the Check-In Kiosk.

This feature is great for those instances when Project information changes from the time a volunteer registers to the time they show up to serve. With that pesky pandemic still lurking about, Check-In Forms are also a good way to incorporate COVID-19 safety forms.

Group Reservation Functionality

Making an impact is always more fun when you serve with a group. Our engineers developed Group Reservation Functionality to ensure groups have enough roles to fill. People, or companies, that want to join your mission as a group can now reserve spots on your Projects.

You simply set aside a certain number of Roles for the group to claim, and only members of that group can fill those roles. While more than the specified number can join a Project, they are at least guaranteed to have the number of Roles reserved open to their group. This is great for families looking to serve while in town for the holidays, or companies looking to engage their employees through volunteer opportunities.

Organization Privacy Settings

Ensuring Projects are secure is one of our top priorities. The newest feature in our security toolkit is increased Organization Privacy Settings. This allows you to have more fine-tuned control over who has access to your private Projects.

How does it work? Super glad you asked. Think of the Organization Privacy Settings as an added way to vet your new volunteers. Maybe you want them to go through your volunteer orientation process before they can sign up for Projects. Or, perhaps you want to make sure they can’t sign up for anything before their background check clears. The Organization Privacy Settings lets you decide who can and can’t join your Projects.

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