• About VOMO

          Our mission at VOMO is to power a movement for good. We’re doing that by connecting people to existing needs in their community and around the world.

        • Award-Winning Platform

          During the pandemic, we’ve launched 30+ features to help organizations across sectors we serve. We are honored to serve each client through game-changing technology.

        • Corporate
        • Connect your employees to organizations needing volunteers in your community.

        • Government
        • Impact your community by combining companies and organizations in a centralized effort to enact change.

        • Faith-Based
        • Mobilize your people to put action to their faith by helping others in the community.

        • Nonprofit
        • Engage current volunteers while connecting with new people looking to support missions like yours.

        • Education
        • Easily connect students and adults to impactful serving opportunities through VOMO, your full-service volunteer platform.

        • Media & Entertainment
        • Connect companies, causes and the community through your media outlets all while amplifying your impact.

        • Volunteer Management
        • See how VOMO’s platform helps deliver best-in-class management tools while providing optimal volunteer experiences for those ready to give of their time.