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A recent Fidelity Charitable survey showed that 87% of volunteers say there is overlap between the organizations they support financially and where they volunteer. In other words, volunteering propels giving and vice versa.

We believe that volunteers giving of their time and talents is a huge part of every charity, ministry, or cause, but we also know that financial giving plays a significant role in making sure that needs are met and our missions are furthered. That is why we are proud to introduce VOMO Gives.

By simply turning on giving for your organization, a Give button will be placed on your Volunteer Hub so that visitors can choose to give recurring monetary donations directly to your organization. VOMO will also provide tax receipts at the end of each year to make your job easier.

So how do you get started with VOMO Gives? No complicated set-ups and no hassle. Just 2 bits of information – Your Nonprofit Tax ID and mailing address – and you can start receiving recurring donations. It’s that simple. All you need to do is activate the VOMO Gives integration in your Admin Dashboard and we’ll be happy to help you set it up.

If you’re not currently using the VOMO platform but want to easily manage volunteers and donations, schedule a FREE DEMO today.

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*To receive donations through VOMO Giving, your organization must be a registered nonprofit (501c3 or equivalent).

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