How to Recruit and Reward Church Volunteers for Easter

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Very few days on the church calendar can compare to the excitement and momentum of Easter weekend. Families make plans to visit, dressed to the nines in their pastel Sunday best, ready to snap photos together before the sermon even begins. Meanwhile, the church staff members have been planning for weeks for what feels like the Sacred Super Bowl. With all the chaos and excitement how can you reasonably expect to recruit volunteers on such a high-stakes weekend? The good news is that big church holidays like Easter are a great opportunity to show people how much your church truly equips and values volunteers.

Recruiting church members to serve

Start with a Vision

Don’t underestimate the power of sharing a powerful vision. When church leaders share the vision of how volunteering paves the way for guests to have an incredible experience, there’s a higher likelihood that someone will step up to serve. An easy way is by telling the story of volunteers who have served on past Easter weekends and what they experienced as a result. Maybe you even have a story of how you had a memorable Easter experience one year and it was made possible by the countless faithful volunteers.

Be prepared

Know all the spots that you need to fill well in advance of your recruiting day. With a volunteer management platform like VOMO, you can easily populate needs on a webpage for potential volunteers to sign up for, and it only takes a few clicks to get it set up. For churches that add special Easter services to accommodate for an influx of new guests, you can encourage volunteers to serve at those new services easily. It’s a low-risk way of recruiting new volunteers.

Create Family Volunteering Opportunities

Who says volunteering has to be something you do on your own? There are multiple ways that people can volunteer together, even as a whole family. Consider creating volunteer projects where Mom, Dad and the kids can participate in together. For example, they could greet guests at the door together, or man the cafe table to ensure that every guest is invited to a fresh cup of coffee and whatever sweet treats are made available.

Honoring and Rewarding Easter Volunteers

So you’ve done the hard work of recruiting people, building relationships, and telling the story of how volunteering on Easter weekend will change lives. You might have people who are test driving a role and are interested in serving on a more consistent basis, so there’s an opportunity to set the tone for the rest of the year. What can you do to ensure Easter Sunday morning is a fantastic experience for your volunteers?

Stock up on good food

For big weekends like Easter, you can’t go wrong with spending a bit more money on food that volunteers will enjoy. This is not the week to experiment with an ancient meatloaf recipe. Order some great catering and don’t skimp out on the dessert! Best of all, ask the volunteers what they would love to eat on Easter weekend to make serving even more enjoyable.

Have Fun

You can use time in between church services to play team games and hand out gifts as prizes. Carve out 10 minutes to announce winners of games or even special superlatives just for Easter weekend. Rewards are always more fun when you get to pick your prize, so consider offering a variety of gift cards. With VOMO, volunteers automatically get access to VOMO Rewards when they volunteer as little as 10 hours.

Be thoughtful

Expressing appreciation is a sure way to boost morale and fuel the team dynamic. You can hand out small gifts with “Thank You” cards for your volunteers as they show up to serve. Note that you should already have your gifts ready, instead of waiting for after Easter weekend to express your gratitude. By that point, you’ll be so exhausted and relieved that it’s over that you’ll be tempted to put it off. A little preparation goes a long way in making people feel valued.

For an extra oomph of gratitude, consider organizing a volunteer-only event a few days after Easter to celebrate the impact that the volunteers made. This is a great opportunity for the lead Pastor to share gratitude in person. It’s hard to overdue the gesture of thanking volunteers for Easter. After all, it happens again next year.

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