Good Neighbors lead to Great Neighborhoods

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In the words of the beloved Fred Rogers “We live in a world in which we need to share responsibility. It’s easy to say “It’s not my child, not my community, not my world, not my problem.” Then there are those who see the need and respond. I consider those people my heroes.”

In just two short weeks, our  Be A Neighbor Campaign in association with Sony Pictures and the film A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood has made a tremendous impact across our country.  

Generating over 1,875 volunteer hours and an economic impact of almost $50,000, this campaign helped impact neighborhoods across all 50 states through a network of forty wonderful VOMO partners

Mister Rogers’ legacy of loving and serving people just the way they are was on full display with thousands of people stepping up, reaching out and showing what it means to be a good neighbor.

This timely film and campaign have given our nation an avenue to connect with each other during a time when many feel disconnected and detached.  Volunteer projects with families, friends, co-workers, church groups, or neighbors can be the common thread that brings us together as part of a larger neighborhood past our own shared walls, front yards, and streets. It’s a great response to Fred Rogers’ call to become heroes of our own communities.

How to continue to be a good neighbor

Being a good neighbor, friend, co-worker, or volunteer does not need to be complicated, Fred Rogers showed the world this by simply being a positive beacon in a society that felt separated. Connecting can be as easy as waving to someone on the street as they pass by or calling a distant relative to see how they are. It could be dropping off a spare can or two to a local food bank or bag of food at an animal shelter. The volunteer impact can change even the smallest neighborhoods. Starting a neighborhood watch or planning a block party can help grow and strengthen your community.

The ideas fueled behind the actions are what sets a long-term ripple into the community that stretches and continues that impact. This growth past the campaign is a tangible wave of giving and volunteer work that Fred Rogers’ principals stand behind.

Thanks to all who had a part in making this campaign go so well. And if we all work together, we can make sure that Mister Rogers’ legacy continues way beyond this campaign.

Much like Fred Rogers did, VOMO exists to serve those who serve others.

To find out more visit and see how you can impact volunteers for maximum impact in your neighborhood.

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