Good Grades aren’t Good Enough

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With the end of this year drawing closer, most senior students are preparing to submit their colleges and university applications. As deadlines creep closer come January, will your students have the right accolades to achieve acceptance into their targeted schools?

More than just numbers.

College acceptance rates are tightening and now with the lowest acceptance rates to date, college application requirements are increasing as well. Unfortunately, now more than ever, a great high school GPA, SAT, and ACT scores are not good enough. In order to distinguish one student from the number of applicants, college admissions boards look for a wide array of diversity.

Students applying to college who are engaged in community volunteer opportunities and extracurriculars play a much larger role in admissions decisions for granting acceptance letters. Furthermore, many scholarships also require many dedicated hours in a specific field of service, making community service and extracurricular activities the additional distinguishing factor to settle as a tie-breaker between equally noteworthy applicants

Why it matters even after acceptance.

While this might be what tips the scale for acceptance for your student’s dream school, these volunteer service hours represent much more than a requirement met. Student volunteering should be more than a means to gain acceptance. They showcase how active and engaged they will be on campus.

Most student bodies make up a large percent of the town’s populace. Entrusting the cultural growth and development to the changing student residents. College students play a major role in many town’s nonprofits and churches volunteer programs. They rely on interested, dedicated students to fulfill their volunteer assignments through the years.

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