A Doctor’s Perspective on Medical Mission Trips 

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Hardwin is a successful physician, but was hesitant to take part in any medical mission trips out of fear. Would I be safe physically? Would I catch something that I would regret later on?  Would I even be competent in that setting? After the nudging of a good friend from church, he decided to travel with a team to Ethiopia to provide general medical care. On the trip Hardwin’s eyes were opened to see God in a new way. 

What he learned was that it was not his job to bring God to Ethiopia, although many Americans feel that way before going on mission trips.  God was already there. Had Hardin not stepped out of his comfort zone, he would have been restricting his ability to see and understand God in a greater context.  He now views these mission trips as a life-giving experience and a “spiritual retreat” from his day-to-day practice back in the states. 

Hardwin feels the impact God has had on him through these trips is almost greater than the impact he has had on the children he serves.  Because of this, he encourages others in the medical field to be part of these trips to help them discover a higher calling and a much bigger God. 

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