Business Spotlight: Interstate Batteries

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Interstate Batteries was founded in 1954 by Chairman Norm Miller. His son, Scott Miller is the CEO and has maintained the purpose of Interstate Batteries, which is “To glorify God and enrich lives as we deliver the most trustworthy source of power to the world.”

We had a conversation with Adam Bowman, Chaplain and Volunteer Coordinator at Interstate Batteries to find out how VOMO has helped organize their volunteer efforts.

What is an aspect of serving that your organization is passionate about? 

Interstate is passionate about treating others as you want to be treated. The golden rule is something that we are all taught as children, but we tend to forget as adults. Especially when we get into the business world. We can deliver an awesome product while treating all of our stakeholders as we want to be treated because we believe that everyone is created in the image of God. 

In the past, what has been a challenge in organizing volunteers and how does VOMO solve that problem? 

One of the toughest things about organizing volunteers is keeping track of cancellations. We used to simply have team members sign up by responding to an email to volunteer. That was simple enough but as soon as someone backs out or wants to change events it made things more complicated. VOMO simplified that by having everyone signing up and cancelling through the VOMO App without us needing to keep track of anything.

How is VOMO helping you recruit and manage your volunteers? 

This is only our second year using VOMO, but it helps us manage our volunteers in a much more streamlined way than we have in the past. Even the ability to send updates without emailing has been helpful.

What kind of impact have you seen by unleashing your volunteers? 

Because of our purpose Interstate has always been passionate about giving back to the community. VOMO gives us one more avenue to show team members different ways they can get involved in their community. One of the reasons behind our corporate volunteer work is to educate folks on how and where they can get involved. VOMO helps to show someone needs in their own communities.

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