Be A Neighbor Through Hurricane Relief

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Two possible hurricanes are heading toward the Louisiana coast this week. We’ve already seen stories of trying to figure out how shelters, churches and others can alter their approach to ensure social distancing measures while providing assistance to those in need once these storms hit.

When it comes to hurricane relief, we know that communication and easy registration for volunteers is going to make things less chaotic for organizations looking to mobilize as best they can during this time.

Partnering to organize volunteers and manage hurricane relief efforts

We want to help fill the gap needed with willing volunteers and organizations to connect together to make an impact for those whose homes may be impacted, whose businesses may be further impacted in the midst of a pandemic.

Through Be A Neighbor, our goal is to help volunteers connect with organizations. We want to help organizations post their relief efforts, allowing volunteers in their communities to make an impact. Together.

A volunteer platform developed to mobilize anyone, at no cost

Do you know of organizations, ministries or churches who might need some help mobilizing their response to the coming crisis, compounded with all the COVID-19 elements? Connect them to organize their efforts today.

Find opportunities to join the front lines for hurricane relief today

As always with the VOMO platform, anyone looking to make an impact in their community can use the community discovery page to learn of organizations who are looking for help. This is all the more important during times of immediate relief needed. Are you in the Louisiana, Mississippi or southern Texas areas and looking to help? Find a way to help now.

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