A Remedy for Loneliness

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VOMO was recently highlighted by Entrepreneur Magazine about the value of Volunteering in light of the cultural epidemic of loneliness that our culture is living in. Here’s a brief excerpt of the article by Michael L. Stallard

Many Americans are lonely and longing for connection today, according to research by Julianne Holt-Lunstand as well as the insurance company Cigna. Many people are coming to the workplace each day with a connection deficit — whether they are in a traditional office or they work remotely — so leaders need to pay attention to the relational side of work.

“When we serve others, it connects us with those we are serving plus those we are serving alongside…”

Rob Peabody, co-founder and CEO of VOMO, a web-based platform and app, is out to “power a movement for good…by connecting people to existing needs in their community and around the world.” When we serve others, it connects us with those we are serving plus those we are serving alongside, whether it be through the shared experience or through casual conversations. Serving together is an effective team-building endeavor and organizations benefit by being able to quantify the service done by their members. Social sector organizations benefit by getting more volunteer help. It’s a win-win-win all around.

Engaging the lonely in your community

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