Shaping the future of volunteering.

With robust tools, the VOMO platform streamlines your volunteer management and team mobilization.

Whether you are a nonprofit or a corporate team, we are here to help you create A Movement For GoodTM

Mobilize your volunteer teams.

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Simplify the process for the volunteer experience to drive recruitment, management and engagement further. Experience a platform and mobile app ready to reward community involvement today.

Discover new volunteer opportunities in your community. Download the new VOMO mobile app.

Reach new volunteers

Branding & Promotion

Connect your organization with prospective volunteers searching the web and searching VOMO’s platform for serving opportunities.  

Streamline Planning & Scheduling

People Management

Integrate background checks, create custom forms, and view coverage of each project through an intuitive interface. 

inform with ease


Sends service reminders via push notifications, customize email messages to volunteers and communicate with individuals or groups.

See your impact


Get organization-level dashboards while understanding your most engaged volunteers who are making great economic impacts. VOMO rewards your volunteers through our proprietary rewards system.

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